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Fancy job.

Jimmy played phone games this morning, he removed the cordless phone as well as the VOIP set up that had no use for a couple of years. Finding a suitable bit of scrap wood Jimmy mounted the ordinary plain phone properly back where it served as the VOIP one in the past. It will now serve as the phone when required, but that won't be often as he has no desire to plug it in, Grace came to loath the phone ringing as much as Jim but now my nerves just can't handle it since it's usually just a call that's distressing.
I do email, Skype and even facebook but have no desire to filter spam on a telephone.
This is part of Jimmy's plan to reduce power consumption, the cordless was always on charge despite not being plugged into the phone line.


  1. We're glad to see you back at it, Jimmy. You obviously made Grace happy when she was here, Now it's time to make yourself happy. Good luck, buddy.

  2. I've noticed my VOIP has slowly crept up to $36 / month (plus the cost of Internet) while a traditional land line is only $42.