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A bit sad really.

Ricky Ponting has announced his retirement from cricket, but that isn't too sad, father time has caught up with him just as it doesn't to everybody, maybe sad that he didn't retire a little bit earlier but he still looked like he had the goods, but he was only cheating grandfather time.

The actual sad thing is I'm going to pension this TV off, it's not old and works beautifully but it also acts as a heater in the room and consumes 400 Watts of what is now too expensive, and about to become even more expensive electrickery, of course the heat also means more power used in summer for the A/C to overcome. While Grace was here and we were comfortable we were prepared to spend a bit to give Grace (and Jim) a luxury lifestyle. Now it doesn't matter any more and I've ordered a smaller basic TV that only consumes 90 Watts, it should pay for itself in savings in about two years.
I tried to buy locally but they've been waiting a couple of months for an order for the model I wanted to arrive, so I went online and saved a few dollars, hopefully when I tell them they can use that as good ammunition for their warehouse.


  1. We probably have one of the last crt tv's in the states.

  2. People don't even take CRTs from kerbside collections here.

  3. My wife insisted on a "42 inch" when we went with an LCD TV 4 years ago. It's going to be a cold night tonight. I will go to YouTube, call up one of the Yule Log videos, and the unit will do a splendid job of keeping the living room nice and warm.