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Usual Hodge luck.

The fridge light died this morning (something I don't need any more of), since I'd been meaning to change the fluoro over to LED for some time I threw together a circuit that worked when testing but not in the fridge?
After a bit of checking with the meter and a bit of head scratching I realised the switch was the villain this time instead of the usual suspect short life lamp.

I did a quick search online and didn't want to pay the ransom price, so I ummed and ahhed about repairing the switch or just plain pensioning the old fridge off rather than put good money after bad, but a quick search on eBay found one that looks right for $16.90 delivered. That much I can spend without considering whether to cut my losses.

 This is the home brew LED circuit I knocked up, it's to be supplied via a low voltage transformer patched into the circuit. The TO-220 is an LM317 wired up for constant current. The resistor is an overkill but was in my box.

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