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CFL Vs LED confusion.

I tested the new LED in the kitchen with a home brew light-o-meter which is just a solar panel left over from an ant destroyed thingy.
Anyway the CFL scored a 968 while the LED scored a 724 at the same position on the stove, a clear win to the CFL as it was a quoted 25W versus the LED at 24W
But then Jimmy thought "lets measure the power consumption" but it was dark and opening the door to get gear means bugs in the house, so I waited till this morning.
My el-cheapo and possibly highly inaccurate power meter ran the CFL at 17 Watts but the LED at only 7.
Now I have to say the jury's out on this one, as a compromise I put the LED in what normal people would call the dining room. I think I shall wait for the next LED release to have a play again.

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