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The pool.

I struck it lucky when I wandered to the park's pool on Saturday arvo, I was the only one there so I felt free to take photos, of course it would have been better if Olivia had come but she was sore and tired. I considered the walrus to be aimed at a more juvenile user than myself so I left it alone.
  I immediately considered the slide to be my preferred method of entry.
At least there's little to no danger of an adult whacking their head on the stern of the ship.
As per usual warning signs abound.
This is the one place that you need a water spray, the rest of them into the pool become a bit annoying.
For those who wish they'd been born blind, my navel is about 90 cm above ground level, I wish the shallow end here was 1.1 m deep as it's too low for my use, but this pool is aimed at children.
Staring daggers at the sign, my eyes are about 156 cm above ground level, so the top of the sign may be fairly honest but then we wouldn't see it would we? For me it's a very nice depth but difficult to find a spot without an annoying water spray from above.

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