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A tiny part of history, almost lost.

With ANZAC day tomorrow I thought I'd see what info I could grasp from this old shot.
On the left is my Great Uncle John (Jack) McGregor 4881 who was KIA 1917-03-24.
Next is Frank Denison 4788 KIA 1917-09-20.
Centre is sadly very vague but I think he's George Johnson who survived the war but was wounded, I think he also remained in Jack's company, Jack became Sergeant some time after this photo.
2nd from right is Thomas Carlon KIA 1916-07-03.
I haven't found any info yet on W. Bishop.

Edit: I now think he may have been a J Bishop 960 who was repatriated early due to health issues, perhaps even showing that there was some compassion to soldiers way back then. By coincidence he was sent home at the same time and ship, the A33 Ayrshire as the man I called Grandfather as a child, Lew Rough 4503,
Lew was married to my foster Nana so no blood relation but was family to me, he was shot in the arm and it remained semi useful for life, not for him the high paying TPI pension that more recent soldiers enjoy, but things were different and harder a century ago, he died Easter time 1969.

Anyway I welcome any corrections to my findings.


  1. Hey James. Andrew your cousin here. Is that the only picture you have of John Mcgregor. I volunteered at the dawn service and march here on Anzac day here in canberra

  2. G'day Andrew, long time no see, hope all is good.
    I have another couple, email me and I'll send them to you.
    I think I have my address shown here, it has a 4850 in it.

  3. my dodgy one
    . explain later. I also just received a copy of the 50 pages of his records from national archives and putting together a binded copy for our side of the family. his name will appear on lit up on the war memorial here in Canberra on the 24th May and mum and dad will happen to be down here then also. I intend to get a pick of that also to go into it.

  4. please email at Hotmail address above

  5. I sent a couple of shots and they haven't bounced yet, if it worked I'll send what I have later.