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We waited until 17:00 on Saturday to slip out and see some of downtown Cairns, after a bit of pointless driving it was plainly clear that it isn't possible to park anywhere near the water so I pulled up here at Cairns Central because I could park. Of course the place was closing which would explain the parking spots but neither of us were capable of walking far, with Olivia hurting far more than me, at least the stop was a change of scenery for us.
I left Olivia to sit down near to the drug addicts who had just finished work and needed a hit from their expensive cigarettes, while I hobbled 100 metres up the road to the next intersection and back.
Here a family take their daughter for a meal at Fasta Pasta while demonstrating to her that it's perfectly acceptable to ignore the red don't walk sign. Jimmy often gets funny looks when walking because he always waits for the green man.
A lovely mural on the Telstra building, typically however a graffiti vandal has defaced it.

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