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Sunland Tourist Park, Cairns.

We stayed here at the Sunland Tourist Park, I made the choice due to my overwhelming sense of seeking the lowest price, and Cairns in the off season is as cheap as they come, our cabin cost $114 for three nights.
This was our cabin, no ensuite at that price but the lavatory block was only a few paces away, it's actually large enough to live in.
A lovely touch was having Foxtel, albeit with a limited choice of channels and not HD but it meant being able to watch TV instead of leaving it off and moaning about how bad free TV has become over the years.
Also good to see a TV made this century.
The lavatory block, it was very clean and everything functioned as it should. Many people will moan about old fittings inside it but they work so really nothing is to be gained by having sparkly new ones.
The park had this relic as a means of connecting to the net, $2 gets 15 minutes of use, just enough to check email and very little else. The keyboard was a major pain to use with having to make slow deliberate key presses and check the output, and the trackball reminded me of the old ball mouses but being lumpy to use, most likely clogged up with lint. The outside was spotless, just like the rest of the park, so the women will be happy, but I'd be attacking it with a screwdriver and cleaning the working bits if I had a chance. If the park had free wi-fi it'd be hard to think of anything else to improve.
This sign in the laundry is typical of what gave me a good feeling about the park, the system of obtaining an iron is very fair.
The pool is the park's nicest feature, there's not a pre-teen alive that could resist this, neither naturally could Jimmy but that'll be in another post.

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