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Henri Kato watercolour.

While I was buying a bunny Olivia was perusing what interesting things we could obtain from lifeline, she liked the looks of this photo painted by an artist who can be found in a Google search.
 The frame was the initial object of the $10 purchase but now it seems the photo will be gracing our wall for some time.
Now it becomes a mystery as to how it got here and where this scenic place is. Henri was a Rotarian, which would have increased his reach, I suppose I'll waste a fair amount of time now Earth Googling around Hamamatsu to see if this scene is there, but it does have a hint of an Australian look to it, perhaps he visited?


  1. It's a nice watercolour, regardless of who painted it, I'd keep it. He did indeed visit in '76, it could be Canberra.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I only had a cursory look at that article earlier. My take on the photo now is that it was painted in Australia during his 1976 visit, and my feeling is it was painted in Canberra on the north shore of the lake around the area of Barrine Dr.
    This photo would have been one of 20 auctioned at the time, and to me it's rather sad that we obtained it as we did, however it has gained a rather respected place on our wall.

  3. The large building is I believe the National library.