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Gordonvale has quite a pretty park opposite the shops. This mural does manage to show a problem we have with flags, it'd be nice for all Aussies to be united under one flag, if I had to choose one of the three here I'd choose the aboriginal one on the left. I feel our official one is a colonial relic that is clearly divisive, also the Torres Strait islander flag on the right always looks to me like someone bending over away from you.
 There's plenty of nice things to see if you take the time to stop and look.
Olivia loved Walshs Pyramid (probably should be Walsh's but official names do tend to lose apostrophes) it's a mini Mayon to her. They claim there's a race up and back every August but I find that is too hard to believe, it's 922 metres high and way too steep to even be attempted.

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