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My new computer I put together a fortnight ago became as dead as Julius Caesar yesterday. No post no beep, about all I have is a motherboard green light, I think the CPU has died, I'm getting far too used to problems. This was chosen because of price and power consumption with reasonable inbuilt graphics, now it appears to be just a ruinous expensive bit of silicon. It was never overheated nor was even overclocked, it started crashing randomly a week ago when not even under stress, now I think it was just trying to say it has issues.
I've ordered a base model low power chip to replace it, until finances and mood improve enough to move up again.
Meanwhile I'm using a back up notebook to be online.


  1. Jim,

    I highly doubt the CPU is the problem. Most likely it's that power supply of yours. Second most likely culprit would be motherboard.

    Michael Golden

  2. I've found no relationship between price and quality in pc parts.

  3. For some reason the reply I wrote earlier hasn't appeared.
    No it wasn't the CPU, nor would it be the power supply, I at least have back-ups of that. It really must be the motherboard, since it had a couple of hiccups that weren't stress related followed by a terminal expiry, I'm not thinking it was the mosfets on the board but rather it may be the bios having failed, I have had a bios failure some years ago so I may replace the chip later, perhaps updating it when purchased was a trigger for failure?. In the meantime I have a Asrock motherboard on its way maybe by Monday.

  4. As expensive as the ASUS F2A85-M LE is it may be worth your time attempting a warranty exchange.
    I've always had good luck with Asrock.