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New eyes but too plain.

New eyes arrived in the mail today but the plain black is just too plain, I began seeking a orange and white to go with the black and resemble a Crushers jumper, I started with yellow and it wasn't right, so then tried carrot top and that looked red and I was looking at an Austrian flag, hmmm no I may get ribbed about that so off it came and on went the Australian yellow and green colours, or close enough.
I must have inherited the desire to play with nail polish from grand daughter Bec.

I had the cylinder and sphere not quite right for comfort before, so put a bit more effort into the job this time, very happy I be now. This set for going out and another weaker set with blue arms for computer/TV. By buying two the burden of freight is reduced so the two pair only tallies up at about $30 total for both. I rather like this style but there isn't a lot of choice at that price mark, with most of them looking far too modern and trendy for my taste. I'm glad the internet has freed us from paying local prices for eyes, this eye mob call themselves omnioptics now.

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