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And there was light.

I spent way too long doing a bit of wiring today, but I'm a pensioner so time hardly matters.
Firstly went to Supercheap auto and bought a 10 metre power lead is is most frustrating as it cost $8.50 and I cut the plug and socket off it, it's incredibly painful when simple light duty figure 8 cable locally costs $2+ per metre and is something that is also most difficult to buy online, maybe traders think everybody lives in the big city where everything is available within a few minutes drive. Anyway that was run down to the router so I now have a solar powered internet connection, hopefully this will come in very handy sometime.

Next up I made a 12 Volt light for the play room.


This used a fair bit of recycled stuff, a new IEC lead that was superb quality but since I have a few of them and as it had a british power plug I gave it the chop. The lead to the lamp was something I'd already recycled 20 years ago on something I've long forgotten about. The lamp is a H7 base car LED lamp, I shall probably change that to something more directional shortly. What's painful is I could get way more light by just taking off the board that closes off the window, but that would allow way more noise ingress than I'm comfortable with.

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