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Australia day.

26th January, despite being pushed down our throats for the last generation it means less to me now than before. The real Australia day is the 1st of January but since that's already a holiday it isn't going to happen.
Anyway it's an excuse to show off my green and yellow splash on my specs that break up the gloomy black.
I suppose a real celebration may be to wish Joan Leslie a happy birthday, star of one of the greatest movies of all time Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Interesting this year with it falling on a Saturday they've reverted to having Monday as the celebrating public holiday, with luck it could spell the end of the pall of gloom thrust upon the poor workers when Bob Hawke cost them a public holiday when it fell on Saturdays by pushing the actual day rather than the traditional Monday afterwards.

The spot on my cheek at the bottom of picture is a thing called Bowen's disease, it's a fairly harmless cancer type thing that can be slightly painful/discomforting but does serve as a good excuse to avoid shaving, which I get around the bother of annoying whiskers by just running the hair clippers over my face, easy peasy.

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