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Hopefully Rhonda and Bec will approve.

I had resigned myself to believing the green cemetery vases supplied to most other graves were something that newcomers to Ingham like us were not supposed to know about, but after replacing the girls' flowers in the holes I had drilled to take the imaginary vases a council ute pulled up to do a minor chore (which naturally involved smoking and making sure the engine was never switched off in case the cabin warmed up), so I asked him about vases, he didn't know but the other idling all day ute nearby had an operator who was able to give me a couple, now all I had to do is work out how to fit the flowers securely in them.
Now if the council could just manage to update the online cemetery record so Grace's birth town Parkes is spelt correctly I can have closure. Seven weeks ago they said it'd be done in a couple of days and I'm too scared to ask again after I copped a reaming for questioning them a couple of weeks ago.


  1. That's great that you've got the vases now Jim. Everything just takes time.

  2. Beautiful bronze plaque. You did a nice job with that.

  3. Thanks Todd, I worked in with Rhonda and Bec on that.