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Now that I finally have the flower vases for Grace's grave I've had to nut out a way of mounting flowers in a secure manner.
What I've done is create plastic bungs made from melted down bread tags and bottle tops, then turned with a taper that tries to match the taper of the vase. Don't try this in the kitchen like I did if you value your marriage, and if you do then this really could end in fire, but then I do have a history of crazy projects.
The mould for the bungs is a stainless steel salt shaker, just in case someone is as mad as me.
The centre hole may not be wide enough but I plan to take a drill with me to the cemetery in case I have to enlarge it.
Hopefully it'll work.


  1. ingenius. That spelling must be wrong but it has the right meaning.

  2. Fun too, it gives the little boy in me a bit of a play.