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Time to do the other driveshaft seal.

The seal to do the other side arrived from China a couple of days ago, $5.50 versus $29 locally, so despite pain and a lack of enthusiasm Jimmy still decided the sooner the better. The other side I did a few weeks ago was the bad side but this RH one also had a slight seep about it.
The old one fell apart removing it so I suppose I'll never know what the problem was but I suspect it had a split.
Rather than remove the shaft from the hub I pulled the shaft hub and all. Purists will note there's too much pressure on the hose but Jimmy may want an excuse to hunt pretty ones later. Annoying was the grease that came out of the ball joint, it was a bit of work levering the seal off so some fresh grease could be added.
The seal goes here.
Only thing left to do now is drop the jack and tighten the wheel nuts, perhaps the most used function of a torque wrench.

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