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Flower time.

I was in a playful mood this morning and gave some cameras a workout.

The Nikon P510 does a great job with flowers and colours, has a fantastic zoom but is too big for any pocket, and that's quite limiting.

The RX100 has become my workhorse, it fits in a pocket, has a good lens and sensor and can get great results, however I can't take to the Sony firmware and I can't see myself buying Sony again. It also lacks zoom but that's a result of being pocket sized and having a large sensor for a compact, IMO only a pro camera needs a larger sensor and then they suffer even worse than this of the weakness (that too many drool over) of lack of depth of field.
Here we have the bargain priced Olympus SZ-10, it actually works very well for its price point and has a 18x zoom. The sensor is a bit noisy but Olympus have good processing, it fits in a pocket and feels nice in the hands, I feel sorry for not using it more but it does take up a bit too much of a pocket to be always with you camera.

Now an enigma, the Samsung WB210, I got this at a cheap price when my old pocket camera the SH100 was getting noticeably soft photos on the right edge, it does however make a fair extra load on the pocket.
The extra wideshot it has got me curious but in hindsight it isn't something too useful, the results I've been getting have had a tendency to overexpose but are good otherwise though I haven't been excited enough to use it much. This morning I updated the firmware and I may get a good use for this camera now but more testing is needed, it still did the white flower overblown but not as badly perhaps? I shall do more testing with this as I still have a want for a reasonably good camera that has zoom and fits easily in a pocket.

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