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This lovely jug arrived yesterday, I'd ordered purple but since that was nil stock pink was a nice substitute.
The pity is having to chase one from China. Locally the only options seem to be white or black with a 1.7 litre capacity and 2400W element. I wanted something colourful with a smaller capacity, though 1.5l isn't much smaller but its 1500W element seems to boil every bit as quickly.
The old jug's lid became faulty along with three tap washers about the time my parents visited a month ago, but surely just a coincidence. This one also has the terrific properties of pouring without dribble, and not scalding fingers if gripped too tightly.


  1. I've seen those in the US but it's much more common heat water in some kind of tea kettle on the stove. And for coffee, the plug-in automatic drip coffeemaker is being replaced by Keurig single cup.

  2. We're merely instant coffee drinkers, for us it's more trouble than it's worth to make the fancy sort, anyway about the only thing I've noted that makes a difference is freshness, it must be fresh to be any good.
    We have nominally a 230 Volt supply, it used to be 240V but was changed 12 years ago, though I doubt if anything has changed yet.
    I imagine this makes quite a difference compared to the USA's 110V supply which would mean some heavy duty copper to give a kettle grunt. The plus side to 110V of course is being able to touch it without flying across the room in a fatal manner.