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Long and short at Tyto

I may as well post some test shots I did at Tyto this morning, at least it may provide some fun comparisons for someone. I like to shoot auto and make no apologies for that, a camera should do a good job without having to play with settings however there are times a bit of playing helps but the camera makers put effort into doing the thinking for you.

I've resized all shots to the same size.
First the Sony RX100, not much zoom here but it has plenty going for it and has extra megapixels that allow a bit more cropping.

The Nikon P510 has been the zoom champion for a while but with Canon having released the SX50 the crown may be changing hands, It'll have to be good though as the Nikon just seems to work.

The Olympus SZ-10 has enough zoom for mere mortals, fits the hand, and was cheap. I should do a decent session with this, it may not have the greatest sensor but could be very handy sometime.

And lastly the enigma camera, the Samsung WB210. It has a special super wide setting that doesn't allow zooming so I've included that to make up three shots for it. A feature that probably doesn't justify having.
It overexposes a bit which is a downer, however I must now test further the new firmware I've installed.
Fits easily in a pocket has, 12x zoom, a good lens and a touchscreen which is something I like, I really hope I can use this more without having to adjust settings.

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