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RX100 and WB210

While I'm in a camera mood I took a casual shot of a storage box this arvo with the Samsung WB210 after I'd upgraded its firmware and I liked it, so here's a full pixel shot of the pretty area, pretty because the writing's purple.
So I just wandered out and took a shot with the RX100 to see what it does with it. They should be fairly similar, taken with the same casual automatic settings.
Again a full pixel crop and not a real lot of difference but the weakness I'd noted earlier has reared its head, the short depth of field has resulted in the "made in Australia" being just a bit out of focus, sure I can narrow the aperture and correct that but that's not something you want to do with casual shots.
I'm going to have to pay a lot more attention to the WB210 that has been largely unloved because Sony released a game changing pocket camera right after I grabbed the WB210 (at a very good price), In this casual comparison the WB210 wins, and that surprises me, possibly because of the new firmware?

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