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Grace Hodge 1943-01-29 to 2012-10-23

With deep sadness I report to all that my Grace has died this morning, we'd been together for 24 years.
This is the last shot I took of her on her last afternoon.
Jimmy might be quiet for a little while.


  1. Jim, you don't know me, but my name is Dave Raglin and I live in McLean, Virginia, USA (near Washington DC). I have been following your webcam, and your blog for awhile. I have found it interesting to learn about a place so far from where I live.

    I want to give you my sympathies for the loss of your wife Grace. I was very sad to hear of what was, at least to me, sudden news. From reading your blog, I saw how much she meant to you and that she was a good person.

  2. Thank you David, the weblog and webcam are an outlet to give something back to the world of the internet, I get plenty off it so I wanted to give something back.
    It's also been a great way to practice the art of writing, I've tried to write in a way that has some interest, also it's been a great use for taking photos and sharing them with the world.
    Thank you heaps for the message.

  3. Jim, so sorry to hear about Grace. I happened to look in as I do occasionally, thinking back to the days, when I saw your sad news.

  4. Jim, Please accept condolences from Linda and me. This is hard news just to hear from this distance. Our thoughts are with you.

    Linda & Todd

  5. Thanks Linda and Todd, I tried to email you after Sandy but it bounced, old address I suppose, good to see you survived, with minimal damage I hope.

  6. Jim Thanks for your concern. I had come to tell you exactly that when I saw the terrible news. My part of town didn't even lose power, just tv and internet for 48 hours. Nothing to complain about.

  7. I'd be moaning Todd, but I suppose it creates an excuse to go out and smell the flowers.