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Work lamp.

I grabbed a LED floodlight to replace one of the old units at the rear of our house but became disenchanted with what I'd need to do with the wiring to make it up to spec, so I decided to turn it into a workshop light.
This gave me a good excuse to recycle some old stuff into something useful again.

Now a bolt and old mower blades don't feel useless and unloved any more.


  1. Paris continues to dig team of horny meaning armour 25 million quote is rejected than amounting to Er
    Paris continues to dig team of horny meaning armour 25 million quote is rejected than amounting to Er On July 16, 2012 origin: Netease sports

    In buy with 42 million euroDiyage - XierwaLater, with seeking hegemony Europe is a targetParisian fiesta ear gracefulWhat still hope to strengthen them through buying a player is medium field actual strength, sports season shines brilliantly in You Wen onBidaerBecame their the first target. According to media coverage, they had served the quoted price of a 25 million euro for Bidaer, nevertheless You Wen rejected this one quoted price.
    Bidaer is 25 years old, he is in last year the social status with 10.5 million euro fromLewokusenJoin inYouwentusi. In experience suit momently period later, bidaer became the absolutely main force of You Wenzhong field gradually, he andMaerjixiao, Pi ErluoOf composition in also by regard as Europe optimal in one of field combination.
    The teammate with him Maerjixiao is same, bidaer also is character of all-pervasive midfield delegate. Defending respect, the Bidaer of style hale and hearty is adversary defends of exceed hard from beginning to end fort; Going up of sports seasonMeaning armourIn league matches, bidaer's field all grabbed a frequency to be achieved 5.4 times breathtaking, and he is average every match still can contribute intercept 2.2 times, and 1.4 rescue sb from a siege. In attack aspect, after experiencing the gives off ack-ack often awkward situation at the beginning of sports season, bidaer sought shoot status gradually subsequently; Going up in the meaning armour league matches of sports season, bidaergong presented 7 goals and 3 secondary attack.
    Depend on on the outstanding play of sports season, be in rise period the attention that Bidaer drew numerous team. According toItalyMedia " Mediaset " report, parisian fiesta ear graceful the quoted price that had given a 25 million euro to leave than amounting to Er, do not cross You Wen decline this one quote. At the same time this report still says, at the same time this report still says,, Law armourGraceful city" it seems that iron the heart should buy thisChileIn, they had gotten ready to serve the 2nd quoted price for Bidaer.
    If say to buy Parisian fiesta ear graceful just just begin to start the plan that buys Bidaer, so they toYi BuAndWei Ladibuy had entered phase receiving an official. If everything is successful, the Parisian fiesta ear that holds accept much in control of high by Anqieluodi and Lai graceful buy the madness that realizes pair of meaning armour two years continuously. [url=]cheap jordans for sale[/url]
    Turn in the summer last year on meeting market, brandish is worn the Parisian of chequebook is dug from meaning armour league matchesPaasche holds thunder in the palm, Meineisi, XiliguAndXisuokeWait for a person. Among them, paasche held Lei Yiren in the palm to cost Parisian fiesta ear graceful of 42 million euro turn meeting capital. Going up the winter of sports season turns on meeting market, beforeInternational MilanPlayerNot towerAlso joined in this supports law armour rich and powerful family.
    Turn in the summer this year on meeting market, rich the Parisian stage a come back. They are signed firstLaweiqi, issued Diyage with the day price autograph of 42 million euro next - Xierwa, and they also are about to finish pair of Yibu and Weiladi buy. Have media and fan jape, present Parisian fiesta ear graceful like wing of armour of a meaning.


  2. USMNT vs. Costa Rica: Jurgen Klinsmann Should Not Be Doubted in World Cup Quest
    Klinsmann made his own name in the 2006 World Cup Finals when he and assistant Joachim Low produced a free-flowing style of football, previously not the preserve of German national teams in competitive action, and missed out on the final when [url=]michael jordan shoes[/url] they were beaten in the last four by Italy.But while the reports of locker-room unrest may have been distracting, this is nothing new to Klinsmann in his managerial career.When the former Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Tottenham striker took over the German national team from Rudi Voller in 2004, he had no coaching experience, but immediatelyturned to youth development after the ageing squad had failed to qualify from their group at the Euro 2004 Finals, which included a 0-0 draw against Latvia.Ahead of the 2006 World Cup Finals, Klinsmann relegated German legend Oliver Kahn to the bench in favour of Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.The young squad may have been defeated, but the support behind Klinsmann and his team had real momentum and even Franz Beckenbauer, who had previously been critical of the coach's defence strategy(London Evening Standard), urged him to stay onafter the 2006 finals.Now Klinsmann is facing a similar situation with USMNT if reports of player unrest are correct.Defeat on Tuesday will by no means end USMNT's World Cup hopes for 2014, but the German is the only man to lead the USA to victory over their archrivals on Mexican soil after the 1-0 triumph at the Azteca Stadium last year.Doubting Klinsmann at this stage of qualification is a folly, and any dissenting voices in the USMNT camp should view recent history for proof.