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Timing belt.

The belt I ordered from pommyland arrived this morning and after I'd removed a few things to check it was the right one decided I may as well carry on and do the job.

For those who have a Hyundai with a beta engine note the pink arrow I drew (rather badly as per usual) that points out the hole that you line up to the mark on the block in order to have the timing right. there's very obvious marks on the crank that line up then as well. The engine mount at the bottom centre of picture has to be removed and you will also need another jack under the sump (with a board in between since alloy sumps don't take kindly to force) to make life easier, as I found I had to manoeuvre things up and down a bit. The new belt is a genuine one and was certainly the right price, it was offered as fitting a 2005 onwards model but checking my source showed it as the part number for Cubby, I think the seller may have himself been shafted with the wrong part for a 2005 model.
Jimmy used the first number 22 socket he found and broke it, so spent another minute finding a strong one.
My method of sticking a spanner/socket on the crank nut, then resting the end against something solid and giving the starter a quick turn has always worked, far more difficult is tightening the bolt again.
About to take the old belt off here, plenty of things have to be removed to do it, today was a three hour job that left me thoroughly exhausted, Artie's belt only took 30 minutes including taking photos and singing the entire score of HMS Pinafore.
The new belt's on now and Jimmy's about to bolt the engine mount on again, not long afterwards I realised that the job was finished. I've left the top cover off for a little while so I can check on things and re-tension if needed. Don't over tighten timing belts, the rule of thumb is being able to twist the belt 90 degrees halfway along the drive side, however the beta engine has an idler pulley along it so I allowed a bit less twist.


  1. The old belt did not look that bad, Jim. Why did you do it?

  2. It indeed looked very good but its age was unknown, so $30 bought a lot of peace of mind.