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Lambda sensor.

Since I'm fairly hardcore DIY I took the harder but much cheaper option to replace Cubby's oxygen sensor, and as I'm getting a bit fancier with my work these days, I even used heat shrink tubing to make it look a bit fancier. 
Since the cheap universal sensor came with bare wires I decided to adopt readily found computer power connectors. The old sensor was obviously original because it was as tight as buggery in the manifold, and since they're supposed to become tired after 130,000 km or so I thought the less than $20 expense to be a fair idea, as well as much cheaper than the $100 odd for one with the proper plug.
The finished job. The blue thing is a bit of steel strapping I cut, drilled, bent, and painted so it had a pretty new mount, easy to access and out of the heat.

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