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Oh joy, colour.

How nice to see some coloured cars in town today, the Nissan is a really delightful purple that the camera doesn't do justice to. So much better than the grey that is currently way too popular.
Sometime in the future I shall probably start spelling colour the American way, the *u* isn't needed but it takes a bit of steeling myself to bravely make a change for the right reason. A few years ago I changed from using "gaol" to "jail" without lightning bolts striking me down when I stepped outside, so the precedent is there.


  1. You should have turned a touch to the left, Jim and you would have had even more in the shot.

  2. I like color too. Most US cars are black, then grey/silver is a close second. Linda's Mazda3 is a cool purpley-royal blue similar to your photo.