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Serves me right.

I thought I was clever last weekend when reading of the disease Don Bradman had that got him turfed out of the military in WW2 and realising it was almost exactly describing the pain I've had for years. Fibromyalgia, or Fibrositis as it was called back then. I've been so happy finding a name for it that my body must have decided to strike back, now I've come up with what feels like another dose of diverticulitis, at least this is an old man's condition rather than the woman's one Fibromyalgia is.
Anyway the walking stick is out and I do resemble a question mark a bit more than usual until it hopefully wears off.

 Now I'm going to sit back and have a beer, and since this is a picture weblog here's a photo of the coin toss. South Africa won and will bat, good luck to both teams, pity the USA doesn't play much cricket, the T20 game here would suit them, being only long enough to get a beer glow, rather than the longer game's drunken stupor.

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