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The Circus is coming to town.

Olivia just saw the Lennon Bros. Circus van pull up and I caught them putting up their signs, what impressed me is the van appeared very roadworthy and the people were well groomed as well as not in the process of smoking. I like being positive about things too.
Circus isn't for me as I prefer wild animals to be wild but they're sure to provide a real experience for a new audience.
The weather station in the foreground is what I've had broadcasting to wunderground for a little while, my webcam now can be seen on that site, plus after many a headache when it was first used it now operates very reliably. for want of a better name I call it West Ingham, or as they categorise it iingham5.
The smoke/steam in the left background is from the Victoria Sugar Mill, one that we saw a show about on Discovery channel a few weeks ago.

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