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More waffle.

Just a show pic, since sideshow alley is usually packed with our younger citizens this is also where the vast majority of smokers can be found, I'm unsure if there's such a person as a non-smoking carnie.
The woodchopping is a traditional event at Australian shows, and looking at the participants many of them must date from its origins many generations ago, sad really.
I took a long rest break in the grandstand and took some photos but really I should have moved closer and lower to try and get some good horse shots, a lesson for the future.
I think these three were being rewarded but the sound system used at the ground was merely loud, for some obtuse reason that had noise that was masquerading as music pumping out of the speakers in a purely distortion ridden fashion, it did a fine job of turning my smile upside down but I a frail old man now and needed to rest for a while.
Olivia posing with some sugarcane, this is something I'd keep in the show forever despite it being of no interest to me.
Our friend Sharon entered a few photos in different sections and cleaned up nicely, something like three wins and a couple of 2nds but this one which I had thought her best one last week got nowhere, further proof that I have no taste.
As we were leaving I tried to line up a shot of Narelle and Olivia with a reflection of Narelle in Olivia's eyes, but it's been that sort of day and even that didn't come off very well.
Oh well I've already worked out what photo I'll put in next year, hopefully I'll get a few more through the year.

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