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More Show stuff.

An upstairs view of the exhibits pavilion, when we moved here 14 years ago the top floor was full of school displays, to a degree it still is but a few schools have closed since or don't display so the ones who do have expanded.
One of the school displays demonstrate why phone cameras are a bad idea for portraits, their wide lens and no zoom make for moon faces, I also would have thought all the sensors were colour ones now but I suppose the teachers are young enough now not to appalled as I am by B&W stuff.
We met up with our friends Narelle, Katie and Stephanie, three generations from old to young, Stephanie is blessed by still having a perfect complexion at 9 years of age, I'd asked her to look glum but it seems her good mood overwhelmed her.
In theory the show is a non-smoking event but I realised I was making waves when I asked the police who were standing near this smoker if that was the case, since they were only liaison officers and hadn't been issued guns I suppose that was a pretty fair attitude.

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