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Ingham Show time.

We got a pretty good parking spot but somehow I'd forgotten to lock Daisy, but since we're in Ingham nothing happened.
Olivia got a shot of a racehorse getting judged, I doubt if it's any relation to Gunsynd as it's not a grey.
I had to check out the photo gallery where I had two entries which naturally didn't do any good, but my regret is seeing that the details that gave them charm were too far away and obscure for the public to see, the facial expressions of the girls and the odd difference of Olivia's camera screen and Mount Fox in the background were lost in the distance.
Rita and Debbie.
Mt Fox, with Olivia's Mount Mayon on her camera, and no it isn't photoshopped, I'd printed out one of my photos and she'd held it onto the screen.

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