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A bit of watch practice.

The other week Susan observed her watch had stopped, and since I make a hobby of changing batteries I checked it out but was surprised it wasn't a common size (SR616SW/321) so had to order one in.
Today it arrived and Soosie brought in a couple more that thankfully took the common AG4/377 size, so I had a bit of extra practice.
The Perry Cardin and Donna Karan (DKNY) ones here even have essentially the same movement but while the Gold one was fairly simple the back of the DKNY one had four screws that thankfully were phillips head but I also had to remove the watchband.
A big boo to the odd battery Aquaswiss watch that also had difficult slotted screws holding the back on, I'm too old to cope with the extra layer of fiddlyness they cause.
I think I've heard that Perry Cardin name somewhere, I must check it out and see how much extra they charge for the name.


  1. Someone tossed a old Canon Powershot camera into the donation bin at the Food Bank.
    It requires a hard-to-find CR1220 battery for something going on in it's internals.

    Yes. We get a lot of non-food items donated for some odd reason.

  2. I keep a few CR-1220 here so they're not extremely rare, they'll be for keeping the clock and settings going. People want phones now which is more a shame as they've lead to the groanworthy trend of an overabundance of portrait mode shots as well as *shudder* video.