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A shot of the flags at the hospital where I was born. The Victorian one on the left makes use of the Southern Cross, fair enough, it means a lot to them, for us in Queensland it's not such a big deal, and is often under our horizon, the rest of the flag is a colonial relic.
Middle one is the Aussie flag, the seven pointed star is a reasonable idea but even that is a colonial relic since they represent the states and territories that we may well be better off scrapping altogether. In this age the flag is all wrong, time to move on.
The flag on the right is the Aboriginal flag which, strangely makes us a country under two flags and keeps us divided, I'd be very happy if we adopted the Aboriginal flag and scrapped the colonial relic, it'd be nice to have one identity.
A cow paddock opposite the Orbost Hospital, I'd say it was there when I was born but like most of rural Australia growth just doesn't exist, meanwhile the major cities moan about overcrowding.

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