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Fitting a A/C compressor meant for a 1.6l Lavita into my 1.8l.

Eventually I found that the old compressor had leakage where the housing halves join, oh dear. Searching on-line the compressor appeared the same as the one meant for the 1.6 litre variant though it wasn't indicated for it nor shares the same genuine part number but since it's also way cheaper than the correct one I decided to give it a go and ordered one.
I soon found the difference, the mounts are a different length but happily the bolt holes line up.
What I did was knock out the top two aluminium spacers shown here and used them in the new compressor. Also the clutch socket mount almost shown on left here is different and I sure wished I'd changed that before fitting the compressor as it would have made the job easier.
On the bottom it needed two 8 mm thick spacers, these 10 mm thread nuts I got from the hardware a few weeks solved that problem simply. Not a great shot as the compressor is mounted here and I was flat on my back.

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