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Heading north 5th May.

A terrific comfort stop at Gooloogong, this place sets an example to other towns, I think one key is making good use of whatever taxpayer handouts they receive, much of the work is done using volunteers, they have reason to be proud, my thoughts are that most communities now only have $$ signs in their eyes to see how handouts can be apportioned to themselves.
Another great but very unusual thing is there's a shower in the lavatory shown in the background here.
Meanwhile just outside Gooloogong is a bridge that shocked Olivia as our wealthy country has a main road bridge worse than any she has seen in the Philippines. At least a new one is being built but if it's like anything else that has been done with taxpayer money the contractor would have been sure to add an extra zero to the right hand side of their price.
We were heading to my Parent's place this day and I put my full faith in the GPS, it did a good job, one I wouldn't have thought of.

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