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The view from the front of my parent's place, what it doesn't show is the 1000 flies to the cubic metre, nor the prickly grass.
We created a high degree of nuclear angst by leaving early the next morning before my parents returned, but I knew if they didn't arrive that night they wouldn't arrive until late the next day and Olivia was very depressed about things.
This town will become a ghost town before too long, there's no reason for it to remain now, plus it like many that are also doomed to disappear lack a decent internet service. The last time I was here I read of the ruling clique in the town intending to waste a big taxpayer handout on restoring their tennis courts, I'd really doubt if they could find enough players to have a game. They do have a good swimming pool which naturally is locked up, perhaps if they opened it and allowed or even encouraged campers to stop near it then travelers may have spent some money and kept some life in the town, but the general store closed recently so it's too late.

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