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Bore baths at Lightning Ridge.

This was the reason for the early drive, I've used these a few times, and early on a cold morning is the best time to enjoy one of the rare free treats in Australia.
Here's proof that Olivia was here too.
 Here I am showing off a roll of fatty loose skin that's an aftermath of the weight I've lost over recent years.
I was cold before plunging into the hot baths and I was expecting to be cold upon getting out but oddly I never felt cold again on the trip.
A couple of hours later I realised Cubby's AC wasn't working, D'OH! originally I suspected a hose failure but now it seems it might be a compressor seal but since the pulley bearing is also in poor shape I've ordered a new compressor, wait and see if that cures it. Because we're not in the land of the free, there's little I can say or do about it.

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