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Wallaman Falls.

Olive and I went for a spin out to Wallaman Falls this morning, happily Olive mentioned it was a national treasure despite it only fairly recently becoming known thanks to the internet.
Here we are in a not too flattering shot on the viewing platform.
Fumbly old Jimmy setting up the camera for that shot.
Some info about the falls, I was taking a picture but the shot of Olive's had more charm.
A merely overweight Jimmy rather than the fat one he used to be, posed for the camera. I seem to be getting a bit of a John Winston Howard look to myself now, and that's certainly nothing to be ashamed of, these days the concept of a PM governing over a budget surplus is about as much of a fantasy as fuel for under a dollar a litre, but in my adult life he managed it somehow.

We even had a bit of a picnic snack while we were out, happily with a minimum of insects curious about these human interlopers.

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