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Flood time post cyclone Ita.

As usual we have a post cyclone flood, this is as high as I thought we were going to get, Jimmy was wrong as per usual.
It kept rising despite the rain stopping at about 08:00, this was taken at about 16:30 when I was pleased I wimped out and moved Cubby to higher ground.
Dawn on Monday morning and the flood level is finally just starting to drop. I've moaned for years about the Herbert river needing a cleanout of its mouth, now my sense of humour has vapourised, this sort of flooding is like a blocked drain, it drops way too slowly and it's time we took back control of our environment, a homeowner would clear a blocked drain, so why can't an authority clear out a blocked river? it's really a cheaper option than the money they want to spend raising the highway.
This looked like a nice picture so I'm posting it.
Our front stairs near the peak level, we actually become prisoners when it floods. 
 Somewhere up there Cubby should be sitting high and dry.

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