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Another patch job.

 The new engine mount I ordered arrived nice and quickly but as per my usual luck was the wrong part. My fault as I should have checked deeper into the listing despite it being indicated for my car. So now since I'm short of time before I do a bit of a road trip I bodged the old one into a hopefully serviceable condition by cutting a chunk of old tyre to wedge into place and add a bit of stiffness, it has a reverse taper on both ends which may help hold it in place.

The other broken mount was expensive so I just patched it back into half decency with an old exhaust mount donut that I'd found on the road a few years ago.

While I had the crossmember off I bashed the tow loop back fairly straight and made a rough weld to close the cracks, of course I started by welding the rod to the crossmember shown here, the Yanks are spot on when they call them stick welders.
Job finished for now, perhaps Cubby is about finished too, parts are not easy to source for this unusual model, and I seem to be needing a few things now.

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