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Hornibrook highway revisited.

While I was down south waiting for the time to pick up lovely Olivia I made a nostalgic visit to the old Hornibrook Highway, in my younger days the bridge here was used to visit the refreshingly relaxing Redcliffe where my grandparents lived, now Redcliffe is serviced by two new bridges built 30 years apart.
The Hornibrook highway was a ~2.7 km bridge built in the depression years as a toll bridge and I have memories of it having rather a roller coaster bumpy ride. When the first replacement was built in the late 1970s the old bridge was closed, supposedly to refurbish for further use but that never happened due I suspect to its condition as it soon fell into ruin.
Nowadays nearly all of the old bridge has been removed, leaving just a bit of structure on the Redcliffe end, and the archway visible in this photo on the southern end.
What does make a pleasant change is a new structure built off the side of the old bridge for people to fish from, and even includes fish cleaning tables shown here, this makes a huge change from the usual placing of no-fishing signs posted wherever a potential fishing site is spotted. Actually the last fish I ever caught was from this bridge in about 1979, shortly after it was closed. I haven't fished since then and don't intend to any more, preferring to take photos and write tales about them as a pastime. 

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