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Wedding anniversary.

I popped out at dawn to visit Grace for our wedding anniversary, it doesn't mean much any more but I don't want to get in trouble for forgetting.
I actually have a more important one to remember now.
BTW Jimmy has a birthday today too, pity he's become a frail old man now.


  1. We wish you a happy birthday. Being alone is not all that bad, you have less people to argue with. lol. However I know you would rather have Olivia with you at the moment. At least you haven't forgotten Grace and the lady she was. Again Happy Birthday.

  2. Am glad that Grace is still there for u in my absence ...Happy Birthday OJ ^-^ ...

  3. Have a good one Farmer, I'm having a few perry's now, I'm sure Grace would have liked them, cheers, hi Olivia, a month long celebration!, have fun.

    When the time comes (soon I hope), is flying in to Brisbane cheaper than via Darwin? if so, make sure you spend at least a weekend or more here, I'll have to tell you about fixing Kork Ballington's '69 Mach III