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Clean now but pointless.

I saw the dentist again yesterday, the second time I've managed to get in the chair since they put me on the priority care stream eight months ago. Last time I had the joy of having a painful 3rd molar pulled but this time he wasted both of our time by cleaning my teeth, a painful and bloody experience. I suppose since he must be on more than $20 per hour and my time's worth nothing it works out better to stretch the work out a bit.
The worst was the lecture about brushing teeth, complete with a giant teeth prop and toothbrush.
Really I'd be happier if he just pulled the ruins.

I left my nose in the crop as a show of the curse of ageing (at least for men), hair finds all sorts of places to grow, usually the most annoying ones like my nostril here or my ears. I'd love to find a pill that makes all hair fall out permanently, It'd be no great drama for me to forego growing my eyebrows into an evil Ox Baker look or even losing the hair on my back that girls find so attractive.

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