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On the 1st February 1814 the mighty volcano Mayon noted for its near perfect cone erupted killing about 2000 people, most of whom were sheltered in the church on the right of this picture which is now in a ruinous state but the iconic bell tower still stands. The location here at Cagsawa is planning a month of celebration.
Mayon is quite a sight and I loved my time there, being higher than Kosiuszko it has quite an eyeball factor for us Aussies, plus it's always steaming.
Also at this time the first of my ancestors was on his way to Australia, being Irish and somewhat a thorn to the British he was able to score a free though compulsory trip on a sailing ship. The ship was the Three Bees and it was to be its last journey, catching fire in Sydney cove a fortnight after arrival and burning to the waterline around the location where the opera house now stands.
His name was Michael O'Rourke (or Rourke since the British didn't like the usage of O') and there's a family get together planned at Wulgulmerang which is close to where our early family settled, in May. I just hope Olivia can be here by then.

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