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Trying to flood.

A bit of a sea in the back yard but we need a fair bit more rain yet before I react.
Meanwhile today I'm having the joy of watching some decent car racing from Bathurst, something the V8 class that hijacked the sponsors dollars 20+ years ago can never deliver.
It's only available via a webcast on-line, and it's the first time I've hooked the TV into one but the result is rather magical.


  1. Thanks for that about the 12hour race, I had no idea that it was on, so much better racing than the V8 snorecar series... and who would have thought that an Audi would have an engine problem in endurance racing.

    Mclaren and Van Gisbergen... a good combination.

  2. The Saturday racing was excellent too, so great to see variety back on the mountain.
    Van Gisbergen's is sure to move to the world market now, he really enhanced his reputation, on the other hand Mr Hamaguchi may want to tip-toe quietly around in the background for a while.