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A tomato soup trick that works.

If you follow the directions on a tin of tomato soup, you end up with a taste that's forgettable. If you decide on the option half tin of milk they often write on the tin it becomes pretty good, 3/4 of a tin is better. But I experimented with some cream a few months ago and it came up a treat, now I keep an eye out for whenever cream is reduced to an affordable price like this. This time I also added the last spoon of Philadelphia cheese I had but that was a fail so forget that bit. Use a bit of water to clean the tin and splash that into the soup.
The Heinz was on special, usually the brand doesn't matter much, and it doesn't matter if you grab reduced salt, you have to put in salt anyway for taste so you'd just add a bit more to a reduced salt can.
I toast up some bread to use as croutons, it's also a good way of using up older bread.
I hope I've helped someone.

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