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The sign has been erected.

Now this intersection should be safe, at least from the ambiguous nature it previously had.
It only took 15 months for the council to react to my suggestion, the pity is as I see it that when extending the road it should have been obvious to at the time that uncontrolled intersections are an instant fail and have been since a change in the road rules 30+ years ago.


  1. He is lucky he lives there. In this country (USA) he probably would be totally ignored.

  2. gerald in the good old usa he'd likely be run

  3. Congratulations... except its on the wrong side of the road ;-)

  4. No argument from me Todd, for cause of a united world it'd make a lot of sense for us to change sides, what doesn't make sense and causes too many deaths on roads by tourists is how the world didn't decide on a unified side of the road to use 150 years ago.