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I remounted my GPSes

Incredibly it's not illegal for us to use a GPS here, anyway I thought I'd make a nicer mount for mine the other day, using up some stuff I had around the place.
I have two because one is the usual street based holler out directions type, and the other is a map based one so I have a real idea of where I am, they're also getting rather old as it takes a bit of work to set them up and I haven't put any effort into it for years.
I then thought I should do the same for a passenger, something I've lacked for years but hopefully soon I'll have the joy of having a wife beside me again, even better that I may become the passenger later.
The passenger mount gave me much joy as I learned from the driver's one and simplified a little as well as reusing an old saw offcut to make a charming mounting point. I'm not a fan of the supplied suction cap mounts, for me they fail whenever I have to rely on them.
Keen eyes may notice the radio doesn't have a CD slot, however it does have a USB socket as well as a SD card slot for MP3 playing, something that's vastly more useful than CDs.

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