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On this day 14 years ago...

My dear old grandfather died after having a fairly good run, but more people would be familiar with the dog Seymour in the Futurama episode Jurassic Bark, who began his lonely waiting period for his friend to reappear.
For some people that episode brings forth copious streams of tears, but since it's a dog all I notice is the wonderful background song "I will wait for you" by Connie Francis.
Now with 14 years up I imagine Seymour has done a Greyfriars Bobby and shuffled off.

BTW I always feel my Grandmother was a little hard done by in that plaque, she was always called Molly (Mollie?) and was born 1st November 1903 (not so coincidently being the date her own mother died). The B.E.M being the British Empire Medal, about the lowest level of honours dished out, but conversely also about the highest honour that ordinary non-important people could attain at the time.
A fortnight short of a decade later the last of my Grandparents died, in hindsight triggering me onto another phase in life.

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