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Olivia has just advised me that today is also the anniversary of when we first contacted each other.
It's been a very long year for my new love and I but the internet keeps us in contact and we both long for when we can be together again, for some reason immigration just keep all spouse visa applications in a holding pattern until madness sets in, hmmm maybe that's the reason. The USA people would be able to protest that but we don't have any rules against cruel and unusual punishment.
I may have posted this pic before but this eatery was great and they have plenty of them around Philippines, pity things were so hectic on my visit that it's a pity I didn't eat like this more, I wasn't brave enough to try eating at one without my mate and guide. The prices are down to my level.


  1. Nice pix, Jim. It's to bad immigration has to hold things up for you two. Good luck to both of you.

  2. Both of us are fairly depressed now Jerry, we feel like we're just pawns in a game, kept on hold to pad out someone's job.

  3. Nice post OJ ,^_^ !,,, Happy Birthday !!! , hugs and kisses ...